Welcome to Mavalma Valves Made BV

Mavalma Valves Made BV is since 1987 located in Made, the Netherlands, at 20 miles distance of the cities of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Mavalma Valves Made BV provides a large range of high quality valves in Water and Waste Water Treatment. The valve sizes ranges 1 inch to 100 inches with pressure ranges from full vacuum to 300 PSI G. The different designs include: wafer, lug, flanged, monoflanged, ball, knife, check, and gate valves. Mavalma Valves Made BV can also quote alternative materials to suit the medium required, i.e. bodies in Stainless Steel AISI-316 with full Stainless trim, Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A216 WCB, Bronze and Aluminium, all with variations of trim to meet the media or customer requirements. All the mentioned valves can be fitted with hand- or actuator operation with local or remote control to meet customer requirements. We can also offer a complete package deal with panels-powerpack and level gauge systems.

Our customers vary from large to small sized EU constructors, offshore industry, greenhouse constructors, water companies, regional water authorities, Navy, etc. Marine-tankers and Military Naval Vessels with full ministry of defence approval are now equipted with our valves.

Our guaranteed quality according to the implemented ISO 9001:2008 standards aswell as the quality departments of our sole suppliers ensures that all incoming materials are to order specifications and relate fully to certification. Each machining operation is checked and approved before assembly, finished valves are checked to ensure that they comply with the pressure test requirements prior to painting and dispatch. On request we can offer a complete repair service, not only for our own valves, but for other manufactures world-wide. We can repair all types and sizes of valves, each repaired valve carries our guarantee of serviceability.

Installing valves of Mavalma Valves Made BV in your water and waste water treatment will help you prevent any distress, and will relieve the pressure in your business. We will always go to the limits in order to furfill the customers requirements in water and waste water treatment. With our extensive knowledge of valves and our outstanding relationship with our manufacturers within the valve industry, requests are almost always delivered with optimal client satisfaction. Our customers and exclusive suppliers can vouch for that. Even most of our competitors will vouch for that, since we are very proud that in the last two decades Mavalma Valves Made BV has been able to deliver our high quality even to our main competitors. Achieving not only the compliments of their clients, but also a strong relationship with our competitors. Should one of our main suppliers run out of stock, we will always try to provide you with a high quality substitute within the required delivery time. So we really can say: “Mavalma Valves Made BV will help you out, in any situation.”

With a solid base of 46 years of experience we are our proud to call ourselves a exclusive agent for the following companies:

Belven: Established in 1975 Belven is a family business specialized in the production and sale of quarter-turn shut-off valves. The productrange:

  • Ball valves in cast steel and stainless steel available from DN15 to DN300, according to DIN or ANSI. Threaded NPTor BSP or with welding ends SW or BW. Applications in tank storage, (petro)chemical industries, ….
  • Butterfly valves in cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel, available from DN25 to DN2800, wafer, lug, U-lug or double flanged according to DIN, ANSI and JIS. Applications in chemical industry, waterindustry, HVAC, ….
  • Gate valves, strainers, check valves in cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel, available from DN15 to DN600, wafer and double flanged according to DIN and ANSI. Applications in chemical industry, waterindustry, HVAC, ….

Düker GmbH: Düker is one of the leading manufacturers for KIWA certified valves and pressure pipe fittings for drinking water and gas supply, as well as pipes and fittings for building drainage. They also develop and manufacture highly acid-resistant enamelled components and pipes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and plans and construct complete centrifugal casting machines with the corresponding production lines and furnaces.

Since 1987 Düker has been the sole supplier for the drinking water company Waternet in Amsterdam. This can only be achieved with the proven quality of these enameled valves. Düker took part in the project „ÖKOPROFIT" and now is an award-winning ÖKOPROFIT business.

Wierom GmbH: WIEROM GmbH has over 20 years of manufacturing experience gathered by Josef Wierling GmbH, located in Nordkirchen-Capelle. Wierom is specialized in steel-welded enclosure-less shut-off valves with it’s own production and installation department. The productrange:

  • Gate valves: Lift gates, bulkhead gates, lowering gates, knife gate valves, shaft gates and short body gate valves;
  • Shutters: channel shutters and sink channel shutters;
  • Check valves: check valves and sewage swing check valves;
  • Rest: hand stops, bulkhead beams, free overfall weirs, distribution blades and telescope tubes.

BAF Valves BV: Established in 1972 she is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, producing standard and non-standard butterfly valves, valve spare parts and valve accessories. BAF Valves BV has its our own design department, machine-shop and test- and repair facilities, which includes the reconditioning and/or modification of any type or brand of butterfly valves. The BAF products can be supplied fully custom made to your requirements or just in accordance to international design standards. Product range:

Butterfly valve sizes up to DN2500/100” to any design standard or flange alignment such as DIN / ANSI / BS / JIS / AWWA, etc. Pressure ratings up till PN25. * (larger size/rates available upon request).

Schmieding GmbH: For over 135 years Schmieding GmbH has supplied high quality valves and fittings for the gas, and potable/sewage water systems. The productrange:

  • Valves: butterfly valves and gate valves;
  • Hydrants;
  • Tapping bridges;
  • Clamps: service clamps, repair- and sealing clamps;
  • Street caps;
  • Underground installation sets;
  • Fittings.

Our extented product range:

  • MVM Check valves;
  • MVM/S+S check valves;
  • MVM/MIV gate and check valves;
  • MVM special pipeline products;
  • Pneumatic actuators;
  • Electric actuators.